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Welcome to Val di Mello!
information in english:
+39 335 6746 347

The camping is open from easter till november.

NB! Covid rules for camsite look at the price page.

Camping Ground JACK in Val di Mello - we are located at the beginning of the beautiful Val di Mello!


Our valley is The international meeting point for climbers, boulders and alpinists.


The valley is also visited by families with children and people looking for good food as in the valley there are several restaurants with local plates, but many people simply come for a picknic or a walk.

 how to reach us?

  Latitude 46°15'3.10'N
  Longitude 9°38'35.00'E



​The road from San Martino to Val di Mello is closed in summer, but the camping guests are authorised to pass (we shall provide you with the necessary pass on your arrival, for any questions call +39 339 6128187

coordinates for GPS:

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