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Alpinism, climbing, “sassismo” and bouldering

The history of this valley begins with the classic conquists of the peaks. The first time of Mount Discrazia was at 1862, compleated by english alpinists Stephen and Kennedy, followed by Pizzo Cengalo, Cima Castello and Pizzo Badile. This first period continued until ca.1930, after the alpinistic exploration was oriented towards great walls and and climbs. 1937 Riccardo Cassin e friends conquisted one of the most difficult walls of the alps, the north-east of Badile, coming part of the alpine legend. This period went on till 1970s when “sassismo”  and bouldering was  born. On the big rocks young climbers discovered the game of climbing and the pitons were sostituted  by more soft  nuts, after the rocks came the turn of smaller walls, fun but highly difficult technical climbs. The pioneers of the new discoveries were Ivan Guerini, Paolo and Giampi Masa, Mario Villa, Jacopo Merizzi and many others, their friends. Were made the climbs called: Oceano Irrazionale, Luna Nascente, Polimago, Cristalli di Polvere etc.


In the following years the valley began to get famous in  the whole europe, and many climbers from other countries visit the location, many new climbs were created, like “Amplesso Complesso” and “Paradiso puo Atendere”.


Also today there remains many alternatives to create new climbs here, but in the lower valley, there has evolved very much also the bouldering sport, concluding every year with the international competition of “Melloblocco”.  The last ten years this competition has brought in Valmasino thousands of young people from all over the world, often the “old” heroes of the big walls now  giudge the competion!



Marathon on the via Roma track between Val di Mello ja Valle Preda Rossa peaks. Chech out from site


This is an other running competition taking place in Val di Mello, that begins at 1000 meters above the sealevel, reaching 3000M, while making the circle of the peaks in the valley, every year there is the KIMA competition for international skyrunners and also several shorter miniKIMA, like this year between Filorera – San Martino and Val di Mello for 16km and also 6km KIMA for children. This Sunday there is also a newentry - Kundarace that takes the runners from San Martino to Rasica and back, the trick is that before the race everybody goes to the Kundaluna party this evening, so lets see who is able to run tomorrow!

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